Movie Review – The Figurine………..(araromire)

28 Jan


Directed by Kunle Afolayan

Produced by Kunle Afolayan

 Written by Kemi Adesoye

Starring    Ramsey Nouah
Kunle Afolayan
Omoni Oboli
Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi
Jide Kosoko
Wale Adebayo
Muraina Oyelami

Music by Eilam Hoffman

Running time: 121minutes

Country: Nigeria

Reviewer: Chilaka Ngozi

Rating: 18

The Figurine: Heaven’s sent

Kunle Afolayan again showed his sense of creativity in this blockbuster movie he titled The figurine.

The plot of the movie is about two friends while serving at a National Youth Service Corps camp, find a mystical sculpture in an abandoned shrine in the forest, and one of them decides to take the artwork home. Unknown to them, the sculpture is from the Yoruba goddess Araromire which bestows seven years of good luck on anyone who encounters it, and after the seven years have expired, seven years of bad luck follow. The lives of the two friends begin to change for good, as they become successful and wealthy businessmen. However, after seven years things start to change for bad.

The movie had a wonderful intro with a short story of how the sculpture Araromire  came about. This gives the viewer a clear picture of what the movie is all about. Nice picture quality of flashback.

The set designer did a fantastic job as the professors office really looked like a history professors office with the use of appropriate props like relics, books and artworks to suit the scene.

Scenes that were shot in the youth service camp were commendable. It seemed very real. The writer of the script, Kemi Adesoye made use of the balance, imbalance, and balance method. In the first balance, we saw how the figurine that was the centre of the plot came about and in the imbalance, we saw how the chaos started when everything that was said of Araromire started to manifest after the 7years of abundance came 7years of destruction where everything started going wrong, the was the final balance where they seeked resolution for the problems in which was suspense, mysterious and unpredictable. The amount of people who participated in the burn fire night were very few compared to the population that was seen during the orientation in camp. The producer would have invited more cast to the scene to make it real. Graduates who have experienced what an NYSC orientation camp looks like would disagree with this scene in respect to how scanty it was. The scene looked like it was a cult activity.

Jide Kosoko who played the role of the chairman of the company Femi works for was like undermining to his personality. One would expect that a popular actor like Jide would be given a role where he would have to feature more than twice in a movie. Although they both played their individual roles well, but one would have liked to see a switch in characters between Jide and Femi’s father.

Again the scene where Femi  brought his girlfriend home and was seen by his father was exaggerated and misconstrued. A typical Yoruba man will not stand and watch his son play love games with a woman he is not married to and just smile the way Femi’s father did in that scene. He even went as far as encouraging them to continue. That scene was very non challant and could send the wrong message about Yoruba culture.

Kayode Adeleke and Steve Sodiya did very well in the editing of the movie. They arranged scenes in transitions as the scripts were written which gave sequential arrangements of events in the movie.

Omoni Oboli was the star of the movie as she played her role and portrayed her character magnificently. Kunle Afolayan was on an average scale and showed be applauded for the way he portrayed his role in an English movie being that his comfort zone was on the Yoruba movies. Not all actors can pull that off. Ramsey Noah also did well even when the character he was given did not suit him but his professionalism in interpreting roles would make one overlook it. On the other hand Funlola Aofiyebi really tried as the hyper friend character but would still have pulled it off being a professional, without rolling her eye balls like it was going to pop out of its socket and her excessive gesticulations were becoming really tiring. Muraina Oyelami’s scenes makes one want to fast forward the movie. Thank God she did not feature in so much scenes as she was flat although. This can be noticed from the beginning of the movie where Femi came back home and she did not act happy to see him as she was too sluggish in her expression when she went to grab his bag.

The movie had some weaknesses from cast performances, costume, make up, and other technicalities. The makeup of Ramsey Noah was faulty, in a quest to make him look young they made him look fake and really funny with the weird hairstyle. Aside the makeup, the Yoruba boy role did not fit his looks and his pure English intonation made matters worse, same with his sister.

Shola played by Kunle Afolayan made it too obvious that he was playing the bad boy role by working too hard to depict it. This can be observed in the scene where he puffed his collar on arrival into the service camp.

When the Araromire statue was found in the bush, one would wonder why it was still looking the same after it had been burnt together with the hut several years back.

The wedding between Muna and Shola did not depict a normal Nigerian court wedding and this flaw can be accredited to the costume designer who did not do well with the wedding attire of the groom and his best man.

The sound quality of the movie was not excellent. Although it was not that bad, but much more was expected for a blockbuster movie.

Much time was wasted in the golf course scene. Even if they were trying to advertise the Malcolm golf course, it was a total waste of time.

When Lara was thrown out of the house by Muna and her friend, one would have wondered why her box was open. The scene made it seem like the producer could not look for a better way to reveal secrets in the movie.

Aside the weaknesses, the music director, Eilam Hoffman did a fantastic job with song compositions and the sound tracks. Every sound track was suitable for the particular scene it was played.

The picture quality was sharp and professional and selective focus technique was used to blur the vision of people in the background so that the camera would be focused on the particular characters of that scene. An example can be seen in Femi’s welcome party. Though it seemed irrelevant but it showed professional skill of the cameraman.

The Figurine is a movie that truly depicts the primitive nature of Africans who believe that their destiny lies in the hands of some named gods as Femi used it as a point of destruction when he noticed Muna believed in the power of the statue.

Though this movie had flaws but it cannot deny the fact that the movie was an improvement in the Nigerian movie industry if today. The Figurine is heaven sent to Nollywood to redeem its lost glory. It was recorded that Nollywood was fast sinking with the emergence of Ghana movies in Nigeria film industry.

All thanks to the promising Director cum Producer Kunle Afolayan who has reminded Nigerians of how better we can become with this sensational movie. Out of a hundred percent , The Figurine is rated 80%.


8 Responses to “Movie Review – The Figurine………..(araromire)”

  1. Ummy April 6, 2013 at 8:12 pm #

    It was a nyc movie i luv it

  2. emmanuel ekadi (@EkadiWalter) April 12, 2013 at 10:30 am #

    the review is perfect, no sentiments. just wanna ask whether u guys also review scripts, because i would have saved lots of mistakes in our movies. tanx. My name is Walter, Emmanuel Timipa Ekadi. i’m a script writer.

    • Ngozi Chilaka April 26, 2013 at 11:55 pm #

      Thanks for the comment. I review literary works which includes scripts.

  3. Obaji victor September 3, 2013 at 10:04 pm #

    I think the figurine is the best nigeria movie of our time GOD bless kunle and the production crew

  4. Obaji victor September 3, 2013 at 10:21 pm #

    I do not realy see much flaw as stated by the interviewer exception of linda visit to muna house. If u go through nigeria movies from 2009 till date none is outstanding as this very one not realy in the story line but the presentation was just okay. To me this movie has all it takes to meet world standard . Thank you once more kunle and your crew.

  5. Ade September 19, 2013 at 8:10 am #

    I would wonder what people thought about the end, I feel it was left unresolved as the Ramsey Noah Character was dead in one scene by the testimony of the rapid response and alive in the next scene with the wife of Shola, I didn’t really get the point of this. I feel the end should have being sufficently clear so the message could have being crystal.

    • Angela Zottola July 31, 2014 at 7:05 am #

      Hello! I would like to discuss this film in my thesis, does anyone know where I can get the script of the film, or a version with original subtitles? I also need the yoruba part that I obviously don’t understand, can anyone help me? Please.


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